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Technology development made several changes in our life and we need to get updated with the regular changes in this universe.

Richmond needs more electronics recycling options


As statistics go, this one will probably look quite impressive – the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), which runs the waste collection and recycling programs in capital Richmond along with various other locations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has diverted more than 1 million pounds of unwanted electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills since 2004 through its special e-cycling collection ... Read More »

Why network configuration management important for medium to large businesses or organisations

network management

Network configuration management is the process of maintaining devices and software that consist on a network. When a particular device or software needs repairing, updating, or replacing, all the network administrator needs to do is view their network management console to decide the best course of action. The system holds information that includes all network addresses, hardware devices, software programs ... Read More »

Seven Industries 3D Printers Might be About to Revolutionise


Whilst 3D printing technology can trace its history back 30 years, the repercussions of its development are only now starting to permeate the public’s consciousness. Its far-reaching and multi-industry potential is being realised as markets around the world are discovering the use of the technology could improve production and cut costs. Here are seven industries that may be about to ... Read More »

Control theft and cheating with mobile trackers


Stories about tracking devices are in the news these days, where GPS tracker applications introduced in mobiles have helped people in finding their lost mobiles and even they can track a cheating partner too. How are they helping? Mobile phone tracking software created buzz in the whole world they are very useful in finding where the mobile goes within seconds. ... Read More »

Technical Characteristics of modern Magento template


The needs and requirements of every website vary based on the business that website represents but a few criteria’s and requirements are common and very much required for any and all online store. This requirement is E-commerce development. That focuses on empowering a business by engaging and gaining customers necessary for a business growth. A best E-commerce development program increases ... Read More »