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Technology development made several changes in our life and we need to get updated with the regular changes in this universe.



Have you ever owned a smartphone and wished it could do something a little more? You may be a mobile user who texts their friends and spends most of their time checking out their emails and social networks and rarely ever even touches their camera. Perhaps you simply use your phone for business purposes implementing a wide range of useful ... Read More »

What Laptop to Choose For University


First consider your budget when you choose a laptop for University. Consider the fact that some of the money you spend on your laptop could be used for other university expenses. Consider the fact that a top-of-the-line laptop may not be suitable for a working computer. Finally, consider the fact your new laptop could become a distraction if it is ... Read More »

Everything you should know about Asus ET2040IUK

Asus has recently come up with a very new desktop in the market i.e. Asus ET2040IUK. This is not the first time when Asus has managed to do something very different and innovative for its customer base. In the past as well, it gave the world some of the coolest devices which have surely left their mark on the users. ... Read More »

How We Can Use Technology To Become MORE Personal


It has become a common complaint among luddites that digital devices make us more isolated. And while this isn’t totally untrue, it’s certainly not the rule. The fact is, human culture doesn’t look the same as it did 30 years ago. People are inseparable from their devices, and for many people this seems sad and scary. But with Samsung’s new ... Read More »