Thursday , October 30 2014
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Technology development made several changes in our life and we need to get updated with the regular changes in this universe.

5 Ways To Get Your Start Up Business Up And Running

Getting your startup business off the drawing board and into a definite business is difficult process. You need a clear, concise, and complete business plan. You have to determine the right financing plan to launch your business off the ground. You have to find the right suppliers for your business, hire the right people, and craft an effective marketing plan ... Read More »

Video Conferencing Trends In India


One of the fastest-growing markets in today’s international economy is India. With a wealth of both incoming and outgoing corporate positions, a vast employee base, and rapidly-increasing technological strides, India has become a hotspot for companies around the world who are looking to expand their markets and bases of operations. For India, which is geographically distanced from many western companies ... Read More »

The business of buying and selling zero day exploits

Security is a big concern these days. Many large corporations are spending millions of dollars every year just to make sure that the data is safe and hidden from the black hat hackers. The many commonly use software and frameworks need special treatment because they are used by a very large number of users across the world. Any small security ... Read More »