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Are You Worried About FTP? Here’s Why You should be…


The world of standard File Transfer Protocols (FTPs) can be a worrisome place for those in the know. Whether you’re a clued-up SME owner or the IT security bod at a larger company, there are two little words which are more or less guaranteed to send icy chills down your tech-smart spine: “Data Breach”…brr. IMAGE SOURCE The fact is, out-of-the-box ... Read More »

The Secure & Sign PDF Module for the Parents


Parents are always concerned about their child. They are always in the search of some important notes for the kids by the teacher. The teachers can also not run after every student and parent before a field trip to provide the notes and guidance individually. The work of teachers had been made easier by Soda PDF. It allows the teachers ... Read More »

A Review of Linkody SEO Management Software

For optimized content and backlink management, Linkody comes along as a simple to use, reliable and even cost effective management software. Linkody not helps in tracking gained or lost links, but actually does the tracking on a 24/7 basis. And since gaining high traffic and continuous content sharing forms the bulk of internet marketing success, Linkody helps in monitoring the ... Read More »

How to open Epub files and other ebooks on PC

Icecream Ebook Reader

Paper books aren’t quite dead yet, but might be circling the drain. Indeed, who wants to carry bulky hard covers or pay $30 for a pile of paper in 2014? One can simply get a basic ebook reader, and voila! – any book comes straight to the pocket at a significantly lower price. Ebook reader comes with a cost though, ... Read More »

Icecream Screen Recorder Review


In a world where every second user runs a blog or owns a promotional website, being able to share the information with the community in a quick and cost-effective way is absolutely crucial. “Show, not tell” is a motto of every smart user, and IceCream Screen Recorder can give you a hand with this.The program represents a lightweight alternative to ... Read More »