Tuesday , August 18 2015
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The most important needs in our daily life is Computer so we are having some cool Computer tips and Talks.

Transfer Books from iPhone to Computer or PC

Books have been feeding human intellect from the ancient past and now a digitalised version of books has become very popular. Nowadays people are taking special interest in reading e-Books which can be of any kind like novels, textbook, comics and many others. IPhone users can read e-Books in their device and some people might have a collection of hundreds ... Read More »

A Guide to Buying a Used Mac


If you are buying your first computer, then an Apple Mac is a good place to start. Not only are they extremely user friendly, they are also very stylish and have a large following. On the other hand, you may be fed up of your PC and fancy a change, especially if you are intending to use graphics or photo-manipulation ... Read More »

Brainstorming Video Cutting Tips for Your Android Mobile


Is your time-consuming video making everyone feeling boring and tired? Does it contain a lot of extra filler? No worries. Now, sharing the interesting parts of your shot video on Android phone involves an easy process. Unnecessary large videos capture a lot of space on your memory card. It, often, interferes with the download of many other videos and sometimes ... Read More »

Fixing the missing DLL files


Dynamic link libraries or DLL files as we commonly know them are very useful piece of codes that almost every Windows based program uses today. The DLL files allow static libraries to be used quickly and neatly in a software program. DLL files comprise of binary functions, and there is a function lookup table used by the program to jump ... Read More »