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The most important needs in our daily life is Computer so we are having some cool Computer tips and Talks.

Acer: $799 ultrabooks make no profit, aiming for $499 price nonetheless


Acer Global President Jianren Weng has been quoted at CeBIT today reiterating something he said at the beginning of December: ultrabooks will drop to the crazy-low price of $499 in 2013 and compete directly against Apple’s iPad. This consistent (and aggressive) proclamation prompted us to go and speak with some of Mr. Weng’s product managers at the Hannover trade show …

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Favourite Online Table Games

Online slots is perhaps one of the most popular attraction at most online casinos. You may have often heard people saying that the real players are always at the table. You may have observed that the top edges remain for the house on most slot games, and thus there are quite a few players who prefer to stick to table …

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Protect and Individualize Your Xbox One


Have you ever sat down to consider how many hours you’ve invested in the Xbox One? If you have, then you know how hard that number can be to pin down. True, you can find how long you’ve spent on each game by going through your Game Hub, but chances are you haven’t been counting how long you’ve spent customizing …

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Add Shortcuts in Windows 8 for Shutdown and Restart

How to Add Shortcuts in Windows 8 for Shutdown and Restart   I have been using Windows 8 as my primary OS since the past week and am overall quite happy with the various UI improvements. The Metro Tiles interface is primarily designed for the touch screen but it’s equally easy to navigate with a mouse and keyboard. They got …

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How to Get Back the Start Button in Windows 8


As reported earlier, Microsoft is killing off the Start button with Windows 8. Windows 8 Consumer Preview replaces the Start button with a hotspot towards the bottom left corner of the screen. The Start button is one of the most iconic aspects of Windows, and has been emulated widely since its introduction in Windows 95. It’s impossible to not feel a tinge of sadness …

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