Wednesday , May 25 2016
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2012 Latest Games FOR Mac users !

Check out Latest Games FOR Mac users   The Mac has got the sex appeal, the style the class and not to mention the minimalist lines to make any design studio complete. What it lacks in though, quite sorely, is good quality gaming, which is something the good ‘ol PC gets full marks in. So we’ve dug around for some …

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VLC Media Player Updated to 2.0.1 Version Fixing Bugs


VLC recently released 2.0 version called Two Flower which was downloaded like 15 million times as its was the biggest and most powerful update from Videolan. Well this new update is still not captured by your official installed player but you can grab it from their official website. This new version has fixed new about 120 bugs and adding new …

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Make Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview Together

Its been a week after the launch of Windows 8 Consumer Preview and this beta version has already crossed millions of downloads around the world. If you want to try Windows 8 on your PC, but you don’t want to lose your Windows 7 installation files, you can try dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8. The process of dual …

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The Complete List of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows 8 is an excellent operating system for tablets or computers with touch screens, but like most of us do not have a touchscreen computer that makes us dysfunctional to use Windows 8. Well Microsoft thinking of us has created a list of shortcuts Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts, thanks to these cuts going to be able for example to show …

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How to Insert Smileys and Symbols in Windows 8

smiley keyboard Windows 8

Smileys and Symbols are just a tap away in Windows 8 The new touch keyboard in Windows 8 will help you quickly insert smileys and symbols in your chat conversations and documents.   Windows 8 includes a new touch keyboard that will help you quickly insert smileys in your chat conversations. The keyboard also contains an extensive collection of symbols …

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