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The most important needs in our daily life is Computer so we are having some cool Computer tips and Talks.

How to Bring Your Idea for a Game App to Life


Do you love gaming and think that you have a unique idea for a game app? What is the next step if you are not currently a mobile app developer? To start, you must be ambitious and able to dream big. You must be able to share your vision and invite mobile app developers to visualize your dream. The process ... Read More »

Monitor Your Android Phones With Spymaster Pro Software!


Android phones have flourished in the market of smartphones and the apps on it came in users life as a boon. Although it has eased the life of many but here is a loop point which is in a way troubling the parents, employers and especially the individuals who have a gut feeling of having a cheating spouse. Now, with ... Read More »

Data protection in the gambling industry

Anyone who has followed the news closely over recent weeks, months, or years will have come across reports of absolute horror scenarios with regard to to data protection.The so-called NSA affair, a series of Facebook security leaks, hacker attacks on various e-mail providers… the list gets longer and longer. One thing is clear: in today’s world of the Internet and ... Read More »

What is the Firefox Google Plugin ?

There is no doubt to say that internet browsing has become a very essential part of the life of many people these days. With the number of web browsers such as Google, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the web browsing experience of many people have jumped up to higher levels. With the technological innovations made, there are also many different ... Read More »

Are You Worried About FTP? Here’s Why You should be…


The world of standard File Transfer Protocols (FTPs) can be a worrisome place for those in the know. Whether you’re a clued-up SME owner or the IT security bod at a larger company, there are two little words which are more or less guaranteed to send icy chills down your tech-smart spine: “Data Breach”…brr. IMAGE SOURCE The fact is, out-of-the-box ... Read More »