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Apple’s iPhone6 and rumors and expectations

With the galaxy S5 out in the open, many Apple fans expect the company will make a move soon. iPhone 6 is the new iPhone that is expected to be a pivotal device due to updates from other iPhone models by Apple. Many people speculate that the iPhone will be superb. This is evident because in line with a survey ... Read More »

How iOS 8 Features will transform your iPhone

As it is clear from the name, extensions permit apps to enlarge their functionality to many other apps in IOS 8. These extensions still suffer from a lot of restrictions to preserve long battery life and to remain apps secure, as Apple being Apple iOS 8. There are also so many other awesome features of iOS 8 .There will be ... Read More »

iPHONE 7 Rumors, Features, Specifications and Price

Apple Inc. is the brains behind the illustrious iPhone series of phones or rather smartphones. The iPhone is quite distinctive device being the only mobile device flaunting Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. The iPhone presents a swift and smooth lustrous interface, loaded with plenty of useful apps that are easy to use. While users are still getting used to the ... Read More »