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Transfer Books from iPhone to Computer or PC

Books have been feeding human intellect from the ancient past and now a digitalised version of books has become very popular. Nowadays people are taking special interest in reading e-Books which can be of any kind like novels, textbook, comics and many others. IPhone users can read e-Books in their device and some people might have a collection of hundreds …

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MobiKin Doctor for iOS Review- How to recover deleted voice memos from iPhone


One of the particular features which makes an iPhone stand out a step ahead of its counterparts is its appearance. However, success stories are not built based on the mere outer appearance of an electronic device; rather it is the internal specifications, applications as well as the iOS operating system that makes an iPhone special. With the advent of several …

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iPhone 5 Remains a Great Value and an Incredible Phone


Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone 5 anymore; not since it released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Although you won’t find the iPhone 5 on any Apple store shelves, third-party retailers still stock the device and offer it at a reduced cost. Did you have a look at this sleek phone with a wide touchscreen and think, gee, …

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IPhone 7 – The One Stop for All Smartphone Requirements


Now, all your hands will be up in the air. Why so? The so called premier and prioritized iPhone 7 smart phone is on its way to climb peaks. Today, we here at Out Tech Blog would like to discuss about the latest Arrival of 2015 (i.e. 😉 iPhone 7, its Price, launch, release date and Price in India. Do …

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The Unique World of Apple Phones


The unrivalled superiority of Apple Phones in the world of smartphones cannot be challenged. For number of reasons, it has so far managed to contain the top-notch position. The popularity of iPhones can be calculated by the sheer features it offers to diverse public. Moreover, the universal appeal it has and the way it connects different people is simply astonishing. …

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