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Gionee Marathon M4 – Exceptional battery life with decent features


INTRODUCTION The Gionee banner is a private consumer products giant. It is a very well established organisation in China and has now stepped into the Indian market recently. Generally, Chinese are not trusted on electronic products for their quality. But, Gionee has proved otherwise to a certain extent. Most of its phones are known to have exceptional battery life. The …

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Top tips to protect your phone and prevent it from cracking

There’s nothing worse than cracking the screen of your phone. For those unlucky people who happen to do this on a regular basis, it can cost hundreds of pounds just to get it fixed. The truth is however, that this simply doesn’t have to be, as you can protect your phone for as little as a few pounds. So, aside …

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Are you using Social Login on your mobile website/apps?


Mobile is the future, we heard it long time ago. With more and more people migrating towards mobile devices to access internet, there is no doubt mobile age of the internet has arrived. People want information and they want it fast. Mobile devices are convenient compared to desktops as they are easy to carry. Study by StatCounter clearly shows that …

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How is a Mobile Phone Recycled?


With mobile phone technology evolving at a dramatic rate with no sign of slowing down, it’s no surprise that consumers are continually seeking the newest, most innovative handsets on the market. As a result, phones quickly become obsolete and contribute to an increasing amount of electronic waste around the world. More and more people are choosing not to dump their …

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