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3 Awesome Money-Saving Apps


There’s an app for everything – and for some things, there’s a bevy of apps. This is definitely true for personal finance, where apps not only help with managing money but also with setting goals and scoring serious deals. Read on to learn more about three of the best. Kayak If you’re an avid traveler, Kayak is definitely a tool ... Read More »

Increase in Gambling on Mobile Devices


The advent of technology has changed the way people live their lives. What’s more, it has transformed the business models and trends of countless industry markets. One of the business industries greatly affected by these changes is gambling and betting. These business sectors have been revolutionized by its transition from casino outlets to online gambling, and eventually to mobile devices. ... Read More »

Stackify – Smart App Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting through Error and Logs


Stackify ensures optimizing behavior and performance of web applications by allowing the application developers and operations support teams to monitor and trouble shoot app issues in real time through a unified cloud based platform. Stackify combines all the dimensions of app performance management like server monitoring, cross server metrics, smart error logging/alerts, real time trouble shooting and remote access together ... Read More »

Newly Upgraded Tasty Bingo App

Bingo players are excited about the latest real money bingo app to hit the market. The Tasty Bingo App makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of mobile friendly games direct from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices. The upgraded app – version 1.0.1 – was released on the 10 August 2014 and is 6 MB to download and ... Read More »

Best Homescreen Widgets For Android Phone

The Android devices are now the best devices that are being used for about 70% so we have got some usefull widgets for you to select and make your device a smart phone . GOOGLE KEEP We’ve sung the praises of Google Keep before. It’s not a comprehensive note-tasking app, however rather a quick thanks to jot thoughts, lists, pictures ... Read More »