Wednesday , April 16 2014
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Useful Tips on Mobile Gaming

Portable Gaming is something every gamer dreams of. I mean, who doesn’t want to play while travelling in bus, standing in a queue or waiting for someone. Keeping the needs of hardcore gamers in mind, companies like Sony came with portable gaming consoles but with the evolution of the smartphones, the usage portable gaming consoles has decreased considerably. This is ... Read More »

WhatsApp’s new VoIP feature coming soon

Alleged screenshots of WhatsApp’s upcoming Voice over IP feature have surfaced, and they show an app that looks a lot like iOS 7′s Phone app. The images come from iPhoneItalia, which also claims that besides the addition of VoIP, the new WhatsApp won’t be very different from the existing app. The VoIP feature will allow WhatsApp users to make voice ... Read More »

The Best Tool to manage your Android Smartphones &iPhones

Have you ever wished to hold a big screen on your smartphone? Are you planning to integrate your smartphone device to your computer? If the answer is “yes” for all the above questions, then you have reached the right place. Generally, the Android users don’t have a desktop management app to manage and share the information. Many smartphone users who ... Read More »

Five Apps that Could Change the Way You Drive


You may use your smartphone as a GPS device or to research your destination, but have you thought about using it to help you become a better driver? There’s a host of mobile apps that can help you monitor your speed, improve your efficiency, and enjoy a smoother ride. Apps connected to electric vehicles can also help you track your ... Read More »

MoboLive android launcher


Something, which we love all day out, is our Android smartphones. We keep making changes over looks as we feel. The best part of android devices is we can roll over the whole look by using an app or rooting the device. Rooting is possibly a tough decision as it claims your device warranty, so, the alternate best way could ... Read More »