Friday , July 18 2014
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The Baap of All Apps – Ask Me

Ask Me user interface

Are you still following the old trend of reading a newspaper to look for opportunities. Or Are you one of those stupid people who have multiple apps for multiple tasks. I have an app for you guys to help you get rid of that boring newspaper and all those apps that are sucking up your phone storage. Ask ME is ... Read More »

Manage your Android smartphone through MobileGo


Smartphones have been the best friends of every individual these days. The major part of smartphone runs on Android operating system which provides the best user interface for smartphone users. Along with the revolution of smartphone’s on different OS being used there’s been a race on developing apps for various categories and usage. It has become really difficult to find ... Read More »

Types of Apps that you can Develop

Types of Apps that you can Develop

Dynamic Apps A dynamic app will change depending on external influences. If the user has specific settings for the app, it will generate a different output as compared to a different setting configuration.Localized review apps are good examples of this. These apps will give you reviews of certain types of businesses that are located in your area. If you move ... Read More »

Useful Tips on Mobile Gaming

Portable Gaming is something every gamer dreams of. I mean, who doesn’t want to play while travelling in bus, standing in a queue or waiting for someone. Keeping the needs of hardcore gamers in mind, companies like Sony came with portable gaming consoles but with the evolution of the smartphones, the usage portable gaming consoles has decreased considerably. This is ... Read More »

WhatsApp’s new VoIP feature coming soon

Alleged screenshots of WhatsApp’s upcoming Voice over IP feature have surfaced, and they show an app that looks a lot like iOS 7′s Phone app. The images come from iPhoneItalia, which also claims that besides the addition of VoIP, the new WhatsApp won’t be very different from the existing app. The VoIP feature will allow WhatsApp users to make voice ... Read More »