Friday , July 3 2015
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Are you using Social Login on your mobile website/apps?


Mobile is the future, we heard it long time ago. With more and more people migrating towards mobile devices to access internet, there is no doubt mobile age of the internet has arrived. People want information and they want it fast. Mobile devices are convenient compared to desktops as they are easy to carry. Study by StatCounter clearly shows that ... Read More »

trivago App Review


Planning to book an ideal hotel for your next trip, but confused among the 100’s of travel related Apps available online? Here’s one stop solution to all your hotel related queries- trivago. More than 80 million travelers use trivago to find a suitable accommodation at the best price. It compares more than 200 booking websites to find the best deal. ... Read More »

5 Famous Mobile Payment Apps


With the revolution in the world of finance and trade brought by the mobile payments, many developers are putting their efforts together to generate the most optimal mobile app for the mobile payment transactions. Develop your customer service and receive moneyquicker by using one of these leading mobile payment apps. Following are described the five most famous mobile apps being ... Read More »

3 Awesome Money-Saving Apps


There’s an app for everything – and for some things, there’s a bevy of apps. This is definitely true for personal finance, where apps not only help with managing money but also with setting goals and scoring serious deals. Read on to learn more about three of the best. Kayak If you’re an avid traveler, Kayak is definitely a tool ... Read More »