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Know about Android platform updates !

DU Battery Saver helps you in saving your phone’s battery


Android phones are spreading so fast across the globe, and this is the reason Android as a mobile operating system touches new heights everyday. Android as an OS runs on phones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs and even cars! Android provides limitless customization options to the users. You can pretty much change whatever you want on an Android device. You will find …

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DU Speed Booster for Android review – Make you Android faster!

cache cleaner

Android phones are tablets come at a variable price range. You can see Android phones starting for as low as $50, and they go up to $1000 and even more in some cases. When it comes to price to performance ration, Android phones provide the best value for money. But we all know that the cheaper phones that run Android …

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ES file explorer for Android devices review


Android smartphones offers a wide range of applications. However, it doesn’t come with a custom file explorer. File explorer provides easy switch over on data and directory locations. It has been simplified by many developers by adding their custom file explorer application in Google Playstore for download. We have one of such which we have been using and works efficiently, …

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How to recover files from android Micro SD card


Not all smartphone comes with huge storage space of 64GB, so most users take the help of Micro SD cards to expand the storage, so that they can download and store all their favorite apps, music, files, games and everything that they find is important. Low storage space is mainly the problem of budget smartphones and that is the reason …

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5 Best Android Phones in India

In this world of fast life Android smartphones has helped the common people to catch up with the fast pacing life. A smartphone has many usages in recent times. Those days are gone where you bought mobile phones to call and text. Nowadays with a smartphone in your hand you can do many important works including banking, ticket booking anything. …

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