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Galaxy S III could come in April says Samsung China President: Report

Galaxy S III

Whenever we file a story on the Samsung Galaxy S III everyone is only interested in one question. When is it coming? Well previously, we reported that it will hit India in May, but now comes the news that Samsung might actually fast track the release to April. According to a report by Maeli Business News, Samsung China President Kim …

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DIY Cellphone Repair for the Latest iPhones

No matter how much you take care of your most treasured iPhone, there will be a time when you will accidentally drop your phone. While most people would probably opt to bring their iPhones to repair shops, there are some who would try to fix the problem themselves first. We know it goes without saying that opening your handset will …

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The Best Luxury Cellphones

Chunky, gold-plated phones that allow you to do nothing but call and text message are a thing of the past. Luxury cellphone makers are putting a lot of energy into creating uber-exclusive mobiles for the tech-savvy ultra-rich. Here’s a round-up of some of the best cellphones out there Ulysse Nardin Chairman: This one’s the mother of all luxury phones. Officially …

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Nokia Windows Phones Outsell Nokia Symbian Devices


In the UK, Nokia devices running Windows Phone have outsold Nokia devices running the older Symbian OS, according to Bloomberg. The difference isn’t by much; according to a research report conducted by Kantar Worldpanel — a research report based on interviews with mobile phone purchasers over three months, ending on Feburary 19th – 2.5% of UK phone buyers purchased a Nokia …

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Windows Phone Tango to up multitasking limit to 8 apps


Microsoft has been trying to put across the point that the Tango update will be fairly minor and aims to bring down the requirement levels to be able to launch lower end hardware without compromising the experience. What it hasn’t told anyone is that due to the reduced hardware requirements , current hardware will be able to perform better. Keeping …

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