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Which is a better pick – branded or non – branded homes


When we talk branded homes, it’s the PREMIUM that hits our mind…branded homes has all those high life quotient that is only the elite class people have access. Well…couple of years back, even I also had this inhibitions, but when I have been through the Tata Value Homes projects on, my outlook has been changed and somewhere the thought ... Read More »

Using Mini Sites to Build Your Brand


Mini sites are created to help companies gain more exposure or sales for a single product or service. These sites can help you build your brand and help you market in a way that will attract customers specifically for this one particular product. When you engage in developing these types of sites, you’re usually more successful because of the range ... Read More »

How to Create Awesome Galleries for Home Improvement Websites


There are many things you can feature on a home improvement website. One thing people really like to see is different types of flooring like interesting tile work, hardwood floors, painted floors, and stained concrete floors. Urethane cement flooring is making a huge impact in the home design world and if you have a home improvement blog or website, featuring ... Read More »

Hadoop developer training


Big data is real big. That is the impression you get when you hear the current buzz about the technologies of big data. More or less, organizations as far and wide as possible hasten frantically to get individuals with skills in big data technologies, for example Hadoop, and are ready to shell out gobs of cash to keep these current ... Read More »

Does Your Organization Need Remote DBA?


The influence of database engine has expanded immensely. Today, it has a strategic role to play in most of the organizations. Right from data storage to communication and system monitoring, application program storage, business rule enforcement, etc., are managed by the database. Thus, it has evolved as a driving force in the contemporary IT infrastructure. The DBMS, as a result, ... Read More »