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Download apps from Google Play


Most of us are familiar with Android OS. It is developed by Google and it has a big market place called Google Play Store where you can find almost all application as per your needs which are available as APK files. Every Android Smart phones comes with pre-installed Google Play Store App that shows supported APK apps and games that ... Read More »

The Baap of All Apps – Ask Me

Ask Me user interface

Are you still following the old trend of reading a newspaper to look for opportunities. Or Are you one of those stupid people who have multiple apps for multiple tasks. I have an app for you guys to help you get rid of that boring newspaper and all those apps that are sucking up your phone storage. Ask ME is ... Read More »

You Can Get Satisfaction by Managing your Online Reputation

Stories of reputations taking a dive online are commonplace nowadays. Information sharing has reached such heights that the darkest of demons can become front-page stories, favorite Facebook shares, and trending retweets rising in the millions. Take, for instance, the recent downfall of Donald Sterling, whose racist views were secretly recorded on tape and rapidly circulated throughout the web like wildfire. ... Read More »

Protect Your Identity Online with TorGuard VPN


Internet has became a part of our daily life. We make a lot of use of use of internet in our daily life, from surfing to shopping. We even sometimes transfer money online and pay some bills. These transactions are all carried out on our internet. So in order to do a safe transaction online, we need to protect our ... Read More »

3 Effective Social Media Strategies


Social media is fast becoming a subtle past time across the globe. Trends keep evolving everyday and new opportunities are constantly being created by various platforms. As a business, you have to be in sync with the latest trends taking advantage of all opportunities to promote your brand. Identify and Differentiate Make sure you identify with your audience. You don’t ... Read More »