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Check PNR status online train ticket bookings


Hello Friends! Today I came with a new topic “Check PNR status online train ticket bookings”. PNR stand for Passenger Name Record, it is a 10 digit alpha numeric number printed on your railway ticket. The Indian Government has offer easy and simple ways to check PNR status online either by Call, Message or by Website. The PNR number store ... Read More »

Why Online Bill Payments are the Keys to Work Productivity

Close-up woman's hands holding a credit card and using computer

There was a time when people were cautious to pay their bills online as they distrusted the security of internet transactions and viewed online payment as a loss of control over money. But with the changing times and increasing advancement, today people are paying every bill online like mortgages, utilities, rent and now phone bills as well. Online recharge   is ... Read More »

Embarrassing Items Caught in Home for Sale Pictures


When it comes to selling houses, it is important to show the house off in the best light and capture its greatest features. However, for some unsuspecting home owners the photos of their properties can give you an all-together more embarrassing glimpse into their lives. Property Porn Giving ‘property porn’ a whole new meaning, the vendors of this house were ... Read More »

5 Reason why Cloud Based Systems are so Popular

The digital age has produced all kinds of buzzwords in the past few years, (buzzwords being just one incidentally), and without a doubt there is one that has seemed to emerge faster and more effectively than any other because of just what it can do for people in all industries and professions. ‘The cloud’ isn’t just that fluffy thing up ... Read More »

From Reputation Management to Digital Bodyguarding


Elias Cohen reporting from Geneva, Switzerland Online reputation management or e-reputation has been a topic of increasing interest in the business sphere these past years. Two major approaches have been prevailing within this new sector. First, the increase of agencies working on custom projects: from web agencies to social media experts, from ad or PR agencies to law firms. They all want to count this new trend in their list ... Read More »