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New Domestic Violence Legislation in Massachusetts

Criminal attorneys in Massachusetts that include the Oberhauser Law Firm are all too familiar with domestic violence cases. Recent legislation adopted by the state stemmed from a well-publicized crime involving domestic violence. In attempts at protecting the identity of violence victims, law enforcement officers can no longer include the names, addresses or any information pertaining to domestic complaints in logs ... Read More »

Google Now updated with the Search Box

google search

The screenshot of Google Search of our website WideInfo keyword. Site links are Google’s method of allowing people to evaluate which links may be great for them. They assist users to discover information faster. Creating upon that understanding, Google has implemented a brand new site search engine that seems within site links. This search engine can make it simpler for ... Read More »

The Changes in Broadband History

The internet has been around for a surprisingly long time. The first ever email was sent way back in the 1970s and internal networks grew until around the 1990s until it was time to expand to a wider audience. Back then, connection to the internet needed to be achieved by dialling through telephones. Connections at the time would run at ... Read More »

Google adopting red motherboard

Ever since Google was founded, their servers have been custom built. The custom hardware is even kept in the museum for display. For years they have used Intel’s processors to power their entire internet empire. Intel has dominated the personal computer processor market for several decades, but what it has not dominated is the low power system on chips which ... Read More »

Myths about Heartbleed Bug !

The Heartbleed Bug is one of the most happening things in the news since a past week. It is proved to be a potential security threat for the OpenSSL encryption threat for internet users. This weakness will make it easy for the hackers in stealing the personal and private information, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure ... Read More »