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HTC To Launch China’s First Windows Phone


 HTC To Launch China’s First Windows Phone     In the race to bring the first Windows Phone device to China, it looks like we have a winner: Engadget reports that HTC has just began accepting pre-orders for the Triumph, which is essentially the HTC Titan that we have come to know and love re-branded. Running Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, the 4.7? behemoth …

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Target Potential Customers with Pay Per Click Advertising


If you aren’t already aware of Search Engine Marketing and the might return on investment that it delivers, this article might open your eyes to advertising options you weren’t ware existed, but could make a sizeable difference in your overall marketing campaign. SEM is broken down into two major categories, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (or Pay-Per-Click) advertising. …

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New Facebook Feature Spotted – Interest Lists


New Facebook Feature ! Facebook launched the new Facebook Pages last week, which has created a buzz around the web and the social network itself. Along with the launch of Timeline for brand pages, Page owners who switched to the new layout found an interesting feature on the new Timeline layout called the “Interest Lists”. The feature, however, has not been …

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Google Drive And The Cloud Wars


For the past six years, any startup touching the cloud storage space has lived in anticipation and fear of Google’s entry into the market. G(od) Drive’s arrival was meant to instantly commoditize existing offerings, kill all future opportunity for new players, and leave a charred ecosystem in its wake as it battled Microsoft and Apple for control of our online …

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Exclusive: Yahoo Labs Head Raghavan Departing to Google


Prabhakar Raghavan, the well-respected head of Yahoo’s Labs unit and also recently its head of strategy, is leaving the company to take a job at Google. The departure comes ahead of possibly deep cuts in his division, which is in charge of long-term research at the Silicon Valley Internet giant, said sources. Yahoo confirmed the move after I made an …

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