Wednesday , March 25 2015
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5 Trends for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues apace, requiring web owners to get their act together or risk falling behind. This year, there are some trends that site owners must be aware of and implement wisely. We’ll look at the top five and what these can mean for your SEO efforts. 1. Mobile is key. If your website hasn’t been fully optimized ... Read More »

Some things are not meant to be shared! Isn’t it?


You are a good soul and you have been taught that it’s always good to share things with your peeps. You might be a true believer of this clichéd thought and so are we but, you’ve got to agree that there are a few things which are not meant to be shared or lookup. There are a few things which ... Read More »

Get Extra Cash For Old Mobile Phones –


Do you have old mobile phones laying in your drawers useless? It is time to sell them for extra cash and use the money on something better. Perhaps you can buy another latest and the recent models available in the market. iPhone 6 is available and the iPhone 7 will be released this year in September. Similarly Samsung Galaxy S6 ... Read More »

One of the best movies of 2005


If you like crime and drama movie, then Lord of the War, which is one of the best movie of 2005. The main character of Yuri Orlov was played by Nicholas Cage who is an arms dealer. The movie is directed by Andrew Niccol. Jared Leto who is another popular actor of Hollywood played the role of brother of Yuri ... Read More »