Tuesday , May 31 2016
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How to Determine your Fashion Style: Step-by-Step Guide

Yves Saint Laurent once said that “fashion fades, style is eternal”. This is definitely true especially with all the trends in fashion and fasion accessories that come and go. Although our preferences may change over time, style is something that is developed by our experiences, our environment, and our influences. It may be our mother, our aunt, our dad, our …

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Dressing for Success: Know the Rules

These days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher how one should dress for success. If you’re a big guy, checking the different aisles in the big and tall men’s clothing section can still be a frustrating experience especially when you’re trying to find clothes that fit you and make you feel confident about yourself for an important business meeting or …

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Five Things Every Bride Wants Perfect For Her Wedding Day

Weddings are about couples, but brides, and all women know, that weddings are about them. It’s the little girls that dream about growing up and having that dream wedding, whether you want to be a princess walking down the aisle, or you want to get married on a beach in a bathing suit. That is why, for women, there are …

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Faking Style: The Ins and the Outs

Sometimes style is expensive. And sometimes it’s just difficult to obtain for some reason or another. Perhaps because of geography. Or maybe scarcity, real or instituted for the purpose of creating a club of insiders. But regardless of the reasons for or against style, there are ways of faking that you’re part of the in crowd, and it comes with …

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Mark the date for AICET 2016

I always wanted to do something different, something creative with my life. Earlier there were limited number of options and one had to select one and pursue a career in it. When I finished my high school I was having no clue what to do with my life neither there were any counsellors to help me out and get me …

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