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Burj-Al-Arab’s ‘virtual concierge’ is a $10,000 gold-plated iPad

Burj-Al-Arab’s ‘virtual concierge’ gold-plated iPad

The high life literally gets redefined at the Burj-Al-Arab. The status of the hotel as one of the most expensive places to vacation in is an unchallenged one. The iconic sail-shaped hotel has always been known for its opulence. Now, according to reports by bornrich, the establishment has taken the idea of luxury one step further by getting guests welcomed at the concierge with gold-plated 16GB third-generation iPads, which will now act as a virtual guide for the guests.

The iPad will give guests all the information they might want about the restaurants and events at the Burj-Al-Arab as well as the regular service provided by the place. However, regular iPad features will not be working on the gold-plated iPad because of the special software that you will find on it. Hence it will be advisable for guests who want to go there to carry their own iPads if they want to use regular features.

If guests are excited about this apparent take-away, they will be left disappointed. The gold iPad comes engraved with the hotel logo, as well as the apple logo in black, and is not a take-away. However, if you find you can’t do without this extravagant accessory, the hotel boutique offers a gold-plated 64GB third-generation Apple iPad for $10,200 (Rs 5, 67,000 approx).

Burj Al Arab offers guests a virtual concierge in the form of a gold plated iPad (image credit: bornrich)

Burj -Al-Arab offers guests a virtual concierge in the form of a gold plated iPad (image credit: bornrich)



Other gadgets you can find in the boutique include gold-plated versions of the Apple iPad mini, the Apple iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry 10. If the price tag of the iPad seems a bit much, you need to compare it to the price tags that everything in the hotel boasts. Suites in the hotel start from $15,100 (Rs 8, 39,000 approx) for the night, while regular rooms in the Burj-Al-Arab start at $1525 (Rs 84,000 approx) daily.
For the establishment wthat has claimed the title of being the “world’s only 7-star hotel”, the 24k gold-plated iPads come in as a natural extension of their brand value. The fact that their brand value is extreme opulence is clearly seen as you cart your gold-plated iPad around while staying at the Burj-Al-Arab.







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