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The Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) hacked by Bangladeshi hacker

Yesterday night Bangladeshi hacker going with the Name ‘Ashik Iqbal Chy ‘ hacked and defaced Official website of BCCI (


(Screenshot of The homepage, when the website was defaced)

It was not only that BCCI was hacked last Night by the hacker, The hacker with his team ‘BD GREY HAT HACKERS’ defaced several other Indian websites in the support of Bangladeshi cricket team, several of hacked websites were of Educational Institutions, mainly colleges of India.
googleindexedit too
Search Engine Google Also indexed the page BCCI TV Live in the avobe format,which shows the title also being affected to the hacking process of BCCI TV.
As reported by Techworm, The homepage slider of the website of BCCI was effected showing Message “Hacked by Ashik Iqbal Chy” which in fact was because of the reason that several Articles on the website were edited with this message.Moreover the subdoamin of the website, used for mobile version ( BCCI Cricket Mobile Version )was also effected by the breach.
The hacked URL showed a short Message “Don’T MesS UP WitH TiGeRs ! ” and the picture of The Bangladeshi cricket team With Bangladesh’s National flag in their hands by Hacker-Tools.
A saved web Mirror of the defacement can be seen from the link provided below:
At the time of writing the Article, it looks like the website have been restored, BCCI have not yet given any confirmation or comment on the 

About the author

Abhishek Kumar Jha is a professional Hacker Researcher who have put his hard work in looking for the suspecious and hacked websites.This guy is really an interesting guy who have written several articles over the Internet Topics.


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