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New Bitly bookmarklet lets users express emotions through shortened links

New Bitly bookmarklet lets users express emotions

Of the many, many things that we come across on the Internet, there are a few pieces that we really appreciate, a few others that we absolutely dislike and many others in between. Now here’s an interesting way to add a dash of opinion to the links you shorten and subsequently share using bitly. Enter Bitly for Feelings – a new bookmarklet introduced by the popular link shortening service.

Express emotions on Bitly

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Bitly for Feelings is currently in beta. Once installed, it allows users to customise their links and express what they feel about the article in question. Sign into your bitly account, drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar and it is set.

Users can pick from a host of feelings when shortening a link. Suppose you absolutely like a link, then you can either use domain or the domain. Likewise, if you don’t like a particular link, you can use domains like or Other domains that users can pick include,,, and

Express emotions on Bitly

For those funny links!

Bitly is a popular link shortening service and users can go to to save, search and organise their links from around the web. They can also group these links into bundles. While users can share these shortened links with their friends, they can adjust settings accordingly if they want it to remain private. Additionally, users can click “view stats” for any of their links to get realtime information about who’s clicking their links.



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