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Best HCL ME ULTRA 3074 A Laptop Price Feature Specification


HCL provide you best feature and price in budget it good for all kind of user may be you are Business man, Gamer or Home User every kinds of Hardware and software can be install on it.

Size & weight Of HCL

HCL Ultrasmart ME Series 3074 features a 14-inch 1,366×768 pixel LED-backlit display. Less than 18mm thick, the ultrabook features a metal casing, and weighs in at roughly 1.7kg. The ultrabook will be bundled with 90-days of Intel Anti-Theft Service free. HCL says the ultrabook will offer a battery life of up to seven hours.

3074A Best HCL ME ULTRA 3074 A Laptop Price Feature Specification

HCL ME ULTRA 3074 A Laptop Price: Rs. 51,440/- you can buy and homepage go Hcl Store


Features Of HCL

Key Specifications
3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 3217M
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic
3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 3217M (1.80 GHz, 3M cache)
Memory and Storage
4 GB
4GB – DDR3
500 GB + 32 GB SSD
Key Features
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    Create a DMZ Between my xbox and my router, Enabled UPnP I’ve tried nearly everything, and my nat remains the same.
    Here is some details of what I changed;
    My Ipv4 address is , and I changed my xbox’s static IP address to: Subnet mask is the usual same on the xbox. The default gateway is
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    Basically I have no idea what to do from here, but I really want open NAT
    ALSO The troubleshoot message that comes on the xbox when I have strict is always one of these two:

    Please turn you router on and off and wait thirty seconds
    Please go on your router setup page and enable UPnP

    I have enabled it so this confuses me.

    My xbox uses a wireless reciever to pick up the wireless connection from the router. The router is plugged into a modem box and is also connected to my main desktop PC. My router is an SMCWBR14S-N2. Connection always seems to be fine, when on games like call of duty black ops, however there are some friends I cannot connect to, which annoys me quite alot, and this causes me to lag out of games also. On games such as grand theft auto and red dead redemption, I am completely incapable of accessing online matchmaking, on the odd occasion I may find one or two people, but I lag out shortly after. This is a very annoying problem and I’m not getting the most out of my games :/ so please help, thanks.

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