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Basic SEO Guide for Drupal Users

SEO Guide

All the bloggers who are using the drupal CMS to create the websites read on the following article it will really benefit you all.


  •  Some top elements in SEO
  •  Ordered by importance
  •  Quality of the links really matters and not just the quantity of the links on your websites.


The important factors are as follows

  1. The Pagerank of the website which is linked to you.
  2. Simmilar content sites are very dangerous for your website ranking. Sites with a difference between the theme and the site itself will just harm the keyword relevance.

To increase the site ranking for the keywords use the links above the Basico’s page.


The important keywords, which you think that people will search, should be used in your website. For example : “Drupal SEO” the words Drupal and SEO(as a Social Media Marketing Service) should be used in the content of your website to elevate the ranking of your website.


  • Page title : Page title should just not be the Headline of the article on which your content is based.
  • Keyword in the path: Have the keyword for the rank to the URL.
  • Heading: The part of the content wrapped in the <h1> tag.
  • Emphasized body parts
  • General motion of Keywords

1.  Internal links should be treated like the internal links for better SEO.

2.  Sitemap: An XML Sitemap will tell what content has been indexed by the search engines to the search engines.


Targetting the keywords


You need to go to the editing section of the Page and need to edit the following .

  •  Title : Give the page the appropriate title having the desired keywords in it.


  • SEO Pitfalls : Avoid these whenever possible because they will surely harm your website ranking.


  • Link stuffing : Don’t overdo keyword mention.


Broken Links : Links from your own or from other domains are called the “Broken Links”. This is one other thing which will hurt the ranking of any website. It also irritates the user to open the website.


  •  Keyword consideration
    • Select the keyword from the Google’s Keyword Tool’s. This gives us the keywords which are most searched by people around the globe on one particular article.
    • Do not upload too much keywords on a page. Google ranking is decided by the incoming link strength.
    • 2 to 3 keywords mentions are just enough and it does not hurt the ranking also.


  • Meta tags
    • Descriptions: most search engines use this field to detect and make the users view the page. The text should be limited as per the search engine norms to get SEO.
    • Keywords: Main source of the information for the search engines.
    • Robots: This is the Irrelevant section you can use the NOINDEX option for the pages that you really don’t want to list on the search engines.
    • URL redirects: Use the URL redirect and add a redirect from the invalid URL to page you are editing.
    • Body: Use the text in the boldface to notify the search engine about the importance of content.


Author Bio : This article is written by Krunal Shah. He provides information on education topic on his website http://www.vtus.in


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