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Get Automatic Lifelogging with Saga for Android

Get Automatic Lifelogging

Meet Saga, the “Automatic Lifelogging” app. This is the app you’ve never known you needed. Remember what you were doing last Thursday? Saga remembers. OK, I guess that sounds a bit creepy. But really, here’s what the app does…

Instead of forcing you to write a journal each day to talk about everything you did, in perhaps an overlong narrative, Saga keeps everything in a neat list for you. Checked in at the grocery store on Foursquare last Monday? Saga recorded it. Tweeted about an upcoming movie you want to see? Yep, Saga got that, too. What’s great about this app is that it requires little to no action from you once you link some of your social media accounts to it — yet the details of the app are only visible to you. Here’s how to start your automatic lifelog:

Get a copy of Saga — Automatic Lifelogging for your Android device. This app only supports Android 4.0 and up at the present time.

Open the app, and tap the New User button to set up an account. After that, you’ll need to start teaching Saga about yourself. Press on the Me tab along the top of the app, and then tap on the pencil icons next to Home and Work to let the app know their locations.

Now you’ll want to press the Settings icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner. Link as many of the social media/sharing apps as you can for Saga to keep thorough records of what you’re doing.

Press on the Now tab and help Saga locate you. You can also search for another location by tapping the Somewhere Else choice in the menu.

As Saga learns the places you go, it will ask you to verify the locations by filling the check box next to Confirm. You can also add some quick snapshots and notes to locations, if you want to little extra detail on your lifelog.

Here’s an example of what Saga recorded about me from Thursday, May 10:

I did notice a couple of bugs in relation to tweets displaying on the wrong day. However, since this app is new to Android, I’m sure there are other bugs to be found.

What do you think? Love it or hate it? Share your thoughts or any bugs you find in the comments.






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