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Asus launches two new touch-based All-in-One PCs

Asus launches new touch-based All-in-One PCs


Asus  has launched two new touch-based All-in-One PCs – Asus ET2013IGTI and ET2220INTI. The Asus ET2220INTI is based on Windows 8 Pro and sports a sleek modern design with a 21.5-inch, full HD LED-backlit display. The Asus ET2013IGTI is based on Windows 7 Professional and reflects a tradition of the finest quality and innovation. It is powered by the latest Intel 3rd generation Core processor.

“After entering the AIO segment in India in November 2012, we’ve seen good traction and user demand and are expecting the AIO market to expand further. With the launch of the Asus ET2013IGTI and ET2220INTI we are further expanding our product portfolio to offer the best feature laden AIO solutions within their respective segments. ” said Vinay Shetty, Country Head – Component Business, ASUS (India).


Details of Asus launches new touch-based All-in-One PCs

The Asus ET2220INTI PC features the 3rd generation Intel Core processor with a 10-point touchscreen Asus Motherboard that enables interaction with the new Windows 8 OS. It features ASUS SonicMaster Technology that delivers improved audio clarity, louder volumes and more detailed sound, claims Asus. In addition to it, the secondary display can be used by connecting other PCs, laptops and tablet via its HDMI input port.


The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2220 Series sports a frameless 21.5-inch FHD LED-backlit display that can be tilted from 16° to 45° to give users an ergonomic viewing position. It comes with a silver stand that can also be used as a carrying handle and features an intricately-designed speaker mesh. The optional ASUS-certified VESA wall-mount allows for easy mounting on any wall. ASUS SonicMaster technology is an audio-optimising technology developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team.

Asus launches two touch-based All-In-One PCs


Armed with an NVIDIA GT610M graphics card with 1GB VRAM, the ASUS All-in-One PC ET2220 Series renders HD videos and large files. It also features 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and an integrated webcam and microphone to keep the user connected to his family and friends. The company adds that the series boasts of full 10-finger multi-touch capability. This offers smooth control of the new touch-based Windows 8 UI — optimising the touch experience. Users can pinch-to-zoom, rotate images and scroll through webpages easily. They can share their pictures, music and movies with 32GB free space for 3 years; wirelessly share files across multiple devices.


The ASUS All-in-One PC ET2013 Series is powered by the latest Intel 3rd generation Core processor. The VESA mount (sold separately) is yet another way to streamline a user’s office space. The 20-inch 16:9 HD+ LED backlighting ensures crystal-clear images on screen while helping to reduce power consumption. The webcam feature also captures photos and videos to review and share; it is conveniently located for instant file sharing and gadget syncing.

Features of Asus launches new touch-based All-in-One PCs

Its high-speed transfer rates allow to significantly reduce data transmission times when there are more tasks in hand. A secure and convenient alternative to password logins, the Asus Zen Smar tLogon facial recognition feature will learn how to recognise users in varying light conditions, even in instances when they are wearing headgear.



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  2. how can i discover the driver for asus U50F pci card for vista x64

  3. So I am ready to stop my gaming PC days. I am simply not into improving hardware and pushing it to it’s limits any longer. I would like a pc to pay attention to schoolwork(a senior the coming year then off and away to college) and music. I’m leaning for the iMac 27″ all-in-one computer try not to understand how easy it will likely be to regulate from Home windows 7 to Mac OS. I additionally cannot stand Home windows 8 by any means. It is undoubtedly the worst type of Home windows to become launched and won’t purchase a device that utilizes it. To ensure that causes it to be a bit more hard to choose another Home windows PC. Money is not a large problem since my PC may be worth as much or even more than many pre-built gaming computer systems for example Alienware in order to re-sell it or trade. Now you ask ,, what exactly are your thinking on all-in-one PC versus Mac? Don’t merely say “omg pc rulez” or something like that lame answer like this, I would like factual based evidence to support your reasoning why you want one within the other. Appreciate your time and effort and persistence, I can not wait to determine that which you all think.

    I’ll be doing many classes on the web at home and also the couple of I’ll be taking is going to be in a neighborhood college(getting an affiliates first). I may also be obtaining a tablet most likely next winter. Unsure how that affects the requirement for a laptop.

    Towards the “top contributor” or whatever who clearly can’t read, please browse the full question before giving an naive answer. My gaming PC not just operates on home windows which is not as stable or fluid like a mac, but it’s also huge and ponderous that is unnecesary. The iMac is available in a significantly more compact package and honestly gives better performance if this involves daily tasks. It’s not more costly. I’d really make some cash basically did not make the most costly one. Don’t answer if you cannot make use of some good sense and browse the entire question.

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