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Apple’s makes stealth Super Bowl debut


Apple may not have its own Super Bowl ad today, but the company quietly launched a new product effort during someone else’s ad spot.

At the end of the commercial for the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness” film, Paramount flashed a quick promotion for its iOS app, complete with an link that takes people right to it. In function it’s identical to what Apple already uses through its iTunes links, but this one’s designed so that people can quickly type it into a mobile device or remember it for later.

Whatever’s after can be changed by developers, which in this case is Developers can pick this out when submitting an app, or plug their company name into it to do a search for multiple apps on the App Store.

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously acquired as a personal gift from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff following the introduction of the digital store during a keynote in 2008. The company is currently fighting a legal battle with Amazon and others for the exclusive rights to use the name to describe its digital software store on iOS and OS X.

Update at 7:18 p.m. PT: Apple’s put up an info page for developers here, which shows that these URLs can be tweaked between iOS and Mac, as well as between companies and individual apps.




  1. After I enter in the Application Store to tap the disposable or Listed blue bar, nothing happens. I am unable to tap the bar. It is not only one application its any application I attempt. I’m able to update my applications fine, however i cannot get them. It has been happening for any couple of days and contains never happened before. Anybody know what is happening?

  2. I am going to have an ipod device Touch inside a couple of days from now. And I’ve been concerned if Wi-fi compatability can connect with the Application Store?

  3. I purchased Pokemon Yellow in the application store in my apple iphone and for whatever reason after i click the application it starts to begin however dates back to my house screen. How do you fix this?


  4. I purchased an initial generation ipod device touch 1.1.5 firmware, for 90 $ yesterday, and that i didnt notice that it’s missing the application store? the itunes store remains, however the application store is not pelase help? i understand there’s not a way to remove the appstore but why it is not there? how do i have it fixed? thnks

  5. You will find applications around the Application Store where one can download music and insert them in your iTunes library and bam, free music. Used to do, however, purchase the application for $2. And That I DON’T burn CD’s then sell them or whatever, I understand that might be illegal without a doubt, I simply pay attention to the background music personally. Could it be technically legal or what? Cause why would Apple allow such applications around the Application Store whether it was illegal? It has been around for some time, I doubt they would not become popular and prohibit it or something like that.

    Note: I am asking from curiosity ONLY. I am not paranoid or anything. It simply appears a tad too good to be real.

  6. I attempted to spread out my Application Store today, and all sorts of I acquired would be a window with unclickable grayed-out buttons, searching bar where I could not write anything along with a grey space in which the applications and groups and updates ought to be… I’ve the most recent update (10.6.6)…

  7. I installed iOS 5pn my Apple iphone 4. following the install the application store keeps crashes…. can anybody advise me regarding how to correct? I’ve attempted 3 occasions completely replacing my phone, restart (Re-boot) did not work, even attempted the “download an application and all sorts of applications work”…. does not work. Any help could be incredibly appreciated.

    I attempted this also it does not work “Perhaps you have attempted closing the application, as with double click on the home button and shut the application towards the bottom? Otherwise try that. In the event that does not help, as well as your using Wi-fi compatability most probably, switch off your wi-fi compatability for any couple of seconds after which transform it back on. In the application being closed, now repeat the process and find out in the event that helps.”

    Appear the features and updates within the application store kicks me out, in addition to ” bought in iTunes

  8. Do all of the iTunes gift certificates ($10, $15, $25, etc.) focus on the Application Store?

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