Tuesday , May 31 2016
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Apple suppliers ship parts for low-cost iPhone — report

Apple suppliers ship parts for low-cost iPhone

Apple is one step closer to launching a low-cost iPhone, according to a recent report.

Earlier this week, the China Times reported (translate) that several suppliers working on Apple’s behalf have shipped out parts for an upcoming low-cost iPhone.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has shipped 28-nanometer processors for the device, according to the report, while Largan Precision has delivered its 8-megapixel camera. Several other companies, including Texas Instruments and Chipbond, are also reportedly providing parts for the handset.

AppleInsider earlier reported on the rumor.

Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple is planning to launch a cheaper iPhone that would compete with devices on the lower end of the smartphone market. The device is reportedly going to ship with several color options, and some industry analysts have said that Apple might attempt to sell the device contract-free.

As is its policy, Apple has provided absolutely no indication that a low-cost iPhone will be launching. Still, if the reports of suppliers gearing up their shipments are true, it’s possible that the handset, which would complement the expected launch of the higher-end iPhone 5S, could launch later this summer.



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