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Apple releases iTunes update to address crucial bug

Apple releases iTunes update

Apple has released an update for iTunes less than a month after it brought the redesigned mini-player and improved song view. This new update patches a crucial bug that caused iTunes to crash often.

The update that pushes iTunes to version 11.0.4 fixes a bug that was causing the programme to crash when users tried to switch between wired and wireless syncing post the update last month. It also addressed an ongoing issue that made users log into the iTunes Store repeatedly.

Bugs fixed

iTunes update

In the previous update, Apple had brought back the ability to view album artwork while in Songs view of iTunes. This ability was removed from the programme when it was updated to version 11 back in November last year. The update also added a refreshed Mini Player to iTunes that showed your album artwork in a “beautiful new view”.

The all new Mini Player features a progress bar that had been missed sorely ever since the release of version 11. You can fiddle around with the feature’s settings to hide the player controllers and show album art. If you have albums that contain multiple discs, it appears as a single album in iTunes now.

While this update is not big on new features, it comes as a sigh of relief to users who had been facing frustrating crashes and had to sign-in multiple times since last month. You can fire up iTunes and let the Apple’s software update prompt you for the update or you can head on to the iTunes page to download it. The update is around 80MB in size for Windows and about 187MB for Mac, so you will need to sit back and wait till this gets downloaded.




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  2. I am beginning to drift from Dvd disks and Compact disks and purchase 100% of my content on iTunes due to its top quality 1080p movies and great-sounding music. So essentially, I am likely to be fully dependent on iTunes in my media content. Is that this a secure wager for future years? For example, what goes on if Apple goes bankrupt (I recognize that this isn’t even remotely imminent) and iTunes vanishes? Am I Going To have wasted a small fortune for content that may no more use practically? And what’s the risk of Apple sinking. Among the finest to possess something reliable, and that i much prefer digital files to hard copies that occupy space and could be destroyed. Thanks!


  3. My pal had his apple Application Store and iTunes restricted! I told him to simply restart his ipad! He stated that his parents knows if he did! Also, he stated he did not wish to jailbreak it, which he did not actually have a PC! He really wants to determine if he is able to in some way download applications, with no Application Store! I told him it isn’t possible with no PC! He wants me too consider it tho! So, I am asking, does anybody know if you’re able to miss the Application Store? If there is indeed a way, then explain it at length! Thanks!

  4. My Ipod device will not do some things. It stated, “You aren’t presently supscribed to Itunes Match. Use Itunes on your pc a subscription.Inch I can not firgure it. Help!

  5. Help me!

    I had been attempting to open iTunes which message put their hands up:

    “Apple Application Support wasn’t found.

    Apple Application Support is needed to operate iTunes. Please un-install iTunes, then install iTunes again.

    Error 2 (Home windows error 2)”

    I have no idea how you can “un-install iTunes”.

    However I erased the shortcut on my small desktop and spent 2 hrs setting up iTunes again. The content keeps appearing!

    I’m not sure how to proceed! Help!

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