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Apple could add LinkedIn integration to iOS 7

Apple could add LinkedIn integration to iOS 7

The release of iOS 7 could see a deep LinkedIn integration into Apple’s newest operating system. Even while Twitter has been given special treatment as the social network of the company’s choice, LinkedIn could make it to iOS 7 as well.

According to a report by 9to5 Mac, a few lines of codes have been discovered in the first beta of iOS 7 that point to LinkedIn being bolstered deeply with the upcoming OS. There seem to be references to a single-sign-on system that is similar to the ones we’ve seen when it comes to Facebook and Twitter integration with iOS.

The lines of code that reveal LinkedIn integration

The lines of code that reveal LinkedIn integration

The codes also reveal that LinkedIn might provide users the ability to easily post content onto LinkedIn through a share sheet and from within iOS applications. Hamza Sood, the developer who provided the publication the codes, has mentioned that the codes seem to lack some pieces that will make LinkedIn functionality work properly and hence, the integration is not present in the first beta of iOS7.

However, as it is with Apple integrating social networks onto its OS, chances are that LinkedIn may not make the final cut at all. Apple had attempted to test Facebook integration in iOS versions 4 and 5, but the social networking website did not make it to iOS till version 6. LinkedIn too could go the same way with Apple merely testing waters.

One reason why the Apple-LinkedIn tie in iOS 7 may come true after all is that the two companies have already displayed their ties at the WWDC event this year, announcing a partnership for the upcoming OS X Mavericks. Rumours of Vimeo and Flickr finding support have already come true as Apple has added support for these apps as well as Tencent Weibo in iOS 7. The addition of LinkedIn would complete iOS 7’s social suite ina a beautiful way.



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