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Aping Vodafone, Airtel slashes prepaid 2G rates by 90 percent in Punjab, Haryana

Aping Vodafone, Airtel slashes prepaid 2G rates

A day after Vodafone announced a drastic 80 percent price cut in tariff for its data customers in some circles, it is Airtel’s turn to slash prices. Bharti Airtel has reduced data usage charges by a massive 90 percent in some circles, firing a new salvo in the telecom battle.

These subsidised rates will not be available to Airtel users across the country, but only certain circles like Punjab and Haryana. Another catch here is that only customers with prepaid connections will be able to take advantage of these slashed rates. Post-paid customers will have to continue paying the same amount to access the web on their phones.

Thalaivas in Chennai and Coimbatore, Vanakkam!

Slashing 2G data rates

The low-rate recharges will be available in three denominations – Rs 22 for download limit of 125MB for five days, Rs 25 for 150MB lasting a week and Rs 125 for a download cap of 1GB for 28 days. After users have exhausted the download limit, they will be charged 1p/10KB of data, subsidised from 10p/10KB of data.

Airtel has also increased the validity of data vouchers now. Vouchers worth Rs 22 and 25 will last you a month and the one that costs Rs 125 will be valid for three months. It must be noted that this offer is only valid for customers in Airtel’s Punjab and Haryana circles. Airtel has not mentioned whether this offer will roll out in other circles at a later time.

Vodafone’s slashed rates on the other hand are applicable to subscribers in Karnataka, UP West and Madhya Pradesh as well as Chhatisgarh circles and are to be rolled out nationally in phases. The 80 percent cut for Vodafone will be available to both prepaid and postpaid data customers. The rate cut of 2p/10KB from 10p/10KB will serve mobile web customers a happy lot.



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