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This anti-child abuse ad has a secret message only children can see

A secret message only children can see

There are social message ads, and then there are those that do it with a difference!


It cannot be stressed enough that child abuse is a serious menace plaguing our society. While there are several outlets to help children speak up against their tormentors, it is a system with gaping holes (leaving room for questions like: what if the oppressed kid is rarely left out alone? Or how does he/she get in touch with such anti-abuse organisations?)

A child seeing the billboard

A child seeing the billboard



Now one such organisation has galloped ahead of such anti-abuse advertising by putting up a billboard with a difference.


The magic lies in the lenticular lens on the billboard that reflects light in such a way that the ad appears differently to ones looking from above and to those looking from below the required height.

The lenticular lens in action

The lenticular lens in action



So, children –those shorter than 4’5″ – can see this message displayed on the billboard – “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you”. This message is accompanied by a secret contact number of the Spanish organisation, Aid to Children and Adolescents. Adults however, can see, “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” 


The idea is to keep the intended message away from the adult (tormentor) accompanying the child.






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