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Angry Birds Star Wars Lands on Facebook


 Angry Birds

Get your Lightsabers ready, Angry Birds fans. Rovio today released its uber-popular, bird-slinging game Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook, complete with new power-ups, tournaments, and full social integration.

Next Levels Of Angry Birds

“It’s all the fun of Angry Birds Star Wars taken to the next level,” Petri Järvilehto, executive vice president of Games at Rovio, said in a statement. “You get the great Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay for free, plus you can compete against your friends to see who is the ultimate bird-flinger and Jedi Master.”

Angry Birds Star Wars on Facebook features the same characters and universe as the mobile version, with all new social features. The game will get five new levels each week, constantly challenging fans and offering them new opportunities to show off their Jedi skills.

Players will be able to compete against their friends for the chance to earn in-game rewards and become the galaxy’s most powerful Jedi master. You can also send in-game gifts to friends.

Bluster Like Angry Birds

There are three new power ups, including Blaster Droid for laser destruction, Saber Sling for super flinging, and Thermal Detonator for planting an explosive surprise. Players can also now use an all-new Clone Bird ability duplicate a bird of their choice for extra-backup during tough levels.

Rovio last month released the mobile version of Angry Birds Star Wars, and it reached the top of the U.S. iPhone charts within 2.5 hours of release.

The game takes players through an intergalactic journey across the deserts of Tatooine all the way to the depths of the Pig Star. Along the way, you use the Force, and wield a Lightsaber in a quest to blast away the Pigtroopers and take down the evil Darth Vader, “Dark Lord of the Pigs.”

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