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Amy Poehler tries to seduce Best Buy boys in Super Bowl


Amy Poehler tries to seduce…

“Windows or Android?”

It seemed like an innocent enough question.

But for one moment, I wondered whether Amy Poehler would waft through her local Best Buy during the Super Bowl — while being paid a lot of money to do it — and avoid anything that might have been designed in Cupertino.

Still, the more she came on to the gorgeous, virginal men in the blue polo shirts, the more it was clear that this was an amusing fantasy. Poehler was there to make women feel good about gadgets. And sex.

There was, indeed, a more than subliminal suggestion that Windows and Samsung objects were somehow sexier. At least that was my impression.

But we don’t try to make too big a deal of these things here. The ad was funny. Poehler made the word “dongle” sound erotic and the gentlemen of Best Buy seem remarkably innocent. Which, some would say, they are.

As we muse and take another sip of whatever my engineer friend George has just poured into this rather tall glass, we wonder whether this might be a new and rich vein for Best Buy.

Will it replace your local Safeway and launderette as a place where women can find a better quality of male than the pool boy (and one who doesn’t demand commission)?

Hope may well be a strategy, after all.




  1. What’s the distinction between these phrases.

    “Espero que lo hagas!”


    “Espero que lo haces.”

    Could they be both correct? Otherwise, that is incorrect?

    Gracias! 🙂

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