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Amazon developing high-end Kindle smartphone with 3D display

Kindle smartphone with 3D display

Amazon, the company popular for its Kindle line of devices, among other things, reportedly has big plans for the future. Wall Street Journal reports that according to those familiar with the company’s development cycle, Amazon has been working on a host of devices, including a high-end smartphone with a 3D display.

This high-end smartphone will allow users to view three dimensional images without having to use glasses. Further, thanks to the retina-tracking technology that will be used on the  smartphone, the images will appear as if they’re floating above the screen like a hologram and would appear three dimensional at all angles, the report elaborated.

What’s more, if the report is to be believed, then this smartphone may even allow users to navigate through content with just their eyes.

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A smartphone with 3D screen and audio-only streaming device in the works



Amazon has other ideas in development too, an audio-only streaming device being one. Those familiar with the company’s plans have also revealed that the devices are being developed within the company’s Lab126 unit in Cupertino, California. “…the efforts are known as Project A, B, C and D, or collectively the Alphabet Projects,”, the report added.

Excited already? You won’t have to contain it for long. Amazon reportedly plans to release some of these devices in the months to come. Having said that, the sources also warn that either some or all the devices could be shelved because of performance, financial or other concerns.





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