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Adblock Plus releases beta version for all versions of Internet Explorer

Adblock Plus releases beta version

Adblock Plus, the popular browser extension for blocking online advertisements, has now released its first beta version compatible with Internet Explorer. The add-on first came to the market six years ago as a Firefox extension and has recently worked its way through the browser ranks, with Chrome and Opera getting the add-ons as well. Now, Internet Explorer (IE) has joined the list.
According to developer Wladimir Palant, Adblock Plus has been customised to work with all versions of Interent Explorer, right from IE6 all the way up to IE10. While the beta version of the add-on is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines, the company has stated that Adblock Plus will not be able to work when you access Internet Explorer on a Surface RT, owing to the locked down Metro mode in that version of Windows 8.


When downloading the add-on, there seems to be two different installers for the 32-bit and the 64-bit machine. However, the beta version has a snag; you have to enable Status Bar if you want to see the software once it is installed on newer versions of IE.

Say goodbye to ads with Adblock Plus for Android

Adblock Plus has released its beta version for all versions of Internet Explorer



Adblock Plus is an ideal option for Internet users in this age of advertisement choked experience. In the past few years, the add-on has gathered more than 50 million unique users and registered over 2, 00,000 million downloads, which is a huge number, to say the least.


The timing for this beta release couldn’t have been better. While Internet Explorer has been flagging behind competitors like Chome and Firefox in the last few years, the once dominant browser has been getting back some of its market share and now accounts for close to 55 percent of the overall browser usage, according to TheNextWeb.


In addition to that, the developers have also added an Android app that blocks unwanted ads in the browser and in apps on Android devices to their offerings. The IE version of Adblock Plus can be downloaded here, but be warned, this is a beta version, which means there will be some kinks that need to be worked out before the official release.



  1. after i installed internet seven it avoided me by using some features within my create and print program. how do i get ie 6. back

  2. And so i just downloaded it and that i would be a little unsure, it stated just how much would yoou pay michael and my spouse the folks that made adblock, could it be safe? in addition, i do not have the herpes virus protecter or anything and just how do remove adblock on safari?


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