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7 reasons to get excited about CNET at CES 2013

Reasons to excited about CNET

2013 CES

What happens when 90 editors, writers, photographers, and producers from CNET relocate all our operations to Las Vegas to cover the biggest U.S. tech trade show of the year? The most comprehensive coverage of 2013 CES, that’s what.

If you live and breathe tech and you’ll be at the show in Las Vegas next week, you’ll want to park yourself at the CNET booth in the South Hall to watch the action. Our live stage show will include celebrities, live Always On torture tests, product demos galore, panels, interviews of top tech execs, and the best ongoing live press conference streams and live analysis you can find. Plus, we’ll have comfy couches, phone chargers, and swag. Plenty of swag.

Reasons of CNET excitement

If you can’t make it to the show, don’t despair. Keep your tablet, your laptop, or you phone pointed to, CNET’s guide to everything happening at 2013 CES and follow us all on Twitter. We’ll write up every new tech announcement we get our hands on to make sure you don’t miss smart analysis of new gadgets, but we have a lot more up our sleeves this year, too.

Here’s what we have planned:

Live keynote and press conference coverage
If there’s a live keynote or press conference happening at CES, we’ll live blog it and very likely live stream it, too. Starting Sunday night, CNET’s reporters and editors will live blog until their fingers are raw, sharing new products the second they’re announced. Plus, we’ll include accompanying live streams of press conferences including announcements from LG, Samsung, Intel, Ford, and more. Head to for a full calendar of our event coverage and to tune in to broadcasts as they happen

Live show from the CNET stage
When we’re not following live press conferences and keynotes, we’ll be bringing the best of CNET to you live from our CES stage. Watch live Always On torture tests (Did I hear something about liquid nitrogen? Yes, yes I did.); see interviews with stars including Felicia Day and Arianna Huffington; listen to interviews with tech luminaries; watch The 404; see product demos — you name it. There’s some chance we might hear Brian Tong and LL Cool J sing again — place your bets now and see the whole schedule here.

CNET’s 2013 CES Next Big Thing SuperSession
Do. Not. Miss. CNET’s annual Next Big Thing SuperSession on Tuesday at 3 p.m. PT. Discussing the post-mobile future, Brian Cooley and Molly Wood will sit down for a chat with entrepreneur Mark Cuban, LG Electronics USA’s Senior Vice President of Marketing James Fishler, Ford Motor Co.’s futurist Sheryl Connelly, and Sprint’s Senior Vice President, Product Development and Operations, Fared Adib. It’ll be the smartest, most forward-thinking supersession at CES and promises to pack the room (plus the overflow room) in CES’ North Hall, so show up early or watch the live stream.

The Next Interface: You — CNET’s stage panel
If you love future technologies, don’t miss my conversation with Brian Cooley, Fitbit CEO James Park, Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald, and Nest founder and VP of Engineering Matt Rogers. We’ll talk about how we’ll all interact with the next generation of devices using our bodies, and Brian Tong will be on-hand to help demonstrate future interfaces. Meet us online or at our intimate booth in the CES South Hall at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. These demos will blow you away.

The official Best of CES Awards
We scour every inch of CES to bring you the official Best of CES Awards. We’ll announce the finalists live at 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday from the CNET stage, then bring you our big reveal of the winners on Thursday at 11 a.m. Of course, we’ll broadcast from the CNET stage (South Hall 3, upper-level lobby), so you can watch the whole live stream of the awards ceremony. Vote on your favorites, too, on our People’s Voice Awards page.

Daily updates, plus the unofficial CES show floor tour
Crunched for time? Yep, we are, too. That’s why we’ll bring you a summary of the most important news of CES every day at the end of the day. You’ll wake up first thing in the morning with a blog post that tells you everything you need to know to say smart things about what’s happening at CES. Also look for our self-guided show floor tour coming at the end of Press Day (Monday). We’ll publish our take on the hottest booths (and their locations) on the show floor so that you know right where to head to see the best that CES has to offer.

source- cnet


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